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SF43 adjustable boxing mitts

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Boxing gloves are a kind of padded gloves that boxers must wear when participating in a boxing match according to the regulations of the International Amateur Boxing Federation. The purpose is to protect the wrists and finger joints of the fighters. Let's follow the editor of SF43 adjustable boxing mitts to take a look at its purchase knowledge!
The choice of gloves should be based on your weight. Boxing punches are not just the strength of an arm, but the rotation force of the waist under the foot. Excessive weight of the glove makes the punching unsuccessful and delays the fighter, so choose according to your weight. , When putting on the gloves, first check if there is any obstruction to the blood circulation in the wrist, swing your hands down irregularly to see if it will loosen, then punch in the open space, two punches followed by a backhand punch, and two sets of punches , If you find that you don’t pull your fist due to the weight of the glove, that means the glove is suitable for you.
Then, color is a more interesting thing. An experienced player will never choose the color casually. You should choose the color according to your opponent. Generally speaking, you should prepare two pairs of gloves of the same weight, one red and one black. Red is easy to see and excites. If you want to get a particularly fierce confrontation, it is recommended to use red. Black is generally used for defense and can also create a feeling of depression for opponents. Generally speaking, black has a stronger momentum and effectively destroys the confidence of players. , Which makes him become frizzy and suppresses his style of play is defensive.

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