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SS05"Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid

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Fitness equipment is often divided into two categories: single-function and comprehensive multi-function based on the number of training functions. Let's follow the editor of Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid to take a look at its shopping knowledge!
1. Clarify the effect of using multifunctional fitness products. There should be a product with one or two functions. If you want to exercise your arm muscles, you can choose an arm strength machine. If you want to exercise your waist, abdomen and legs, you can choose a fitness rider or abdomen wheel. As for the general and comprehensive exercise, in addition to choosing a professional gym, you can assist with regular outdoor equipment exercises.
2. Consider the living environment and living conditions. Only an equipment suitable for one's family atmosphere and living conditions can improve the quality of life. Generally speaking, a single-function fitness device occupies a small area. When some fitness devices with more functions are used at home, some functions cannot really function due to space limitations; and if the area is too large, every time they are used Need to install or move, will greatly reduce the enthusiasm for fitness.
3. Moderate style. Don’t blindly worship foreign products. The products produced by domestic companies have relatively low prices and a wide variety of products. The functions of these products can also fully meet the needs of exercise, and because of the addition of some localized elements, some functions are also foreign fitness equipment. insufficient.

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