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SS18 Seated Leg Press

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Among the several methods of leg press, the positive leg press is the foundation, and it is also the method that the practitioner finds difficult. Beginners often have the following problems: bowing their heads, bending over, eager to touch their feet with their heads, a large gap between the chest and legs, some instability, like falling backwards, and even injuries to the ligaments of the legs. To solve the above problems, pay attention to the following points when leg press:
1. When you first practice, it is not advisable to do intense exercises. Put your legs on an object at waist height, sit back with your hips, buttock should be flat, supporting legs perpendicular to the ground, knees straight, the toes are raised by the leg press and the toes are consciously hooked back, and the upper body is moved forward forcefully. Make the leg press into a straight line. The toe hook is good for lengthening the ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the legs, and moving the upper body forward can lengthen the trunk, especially the spine. After pressing one leg for a few minutes, switch to the other leg. After a few days, when the leg muscles become soft and elastic, proceed to the next step.
2. Both the leg press and the supporting leg are straightened, press the knee under the leg press with both hands, and retract the hips to push the body forward as much as possible to enhance the stretchability of the fossa muscle behind the knee joint.
3. Press the leg press knees with both hands, sit back on the hips, push your upper body forward and downward, try to press your abdomen against your thighs. After this step is completed, you can proceed to the next exercise.

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