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SS26 smith machine& dual adjustable Pulley

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Fitness equipment is often divided into two categories: single-function and comprehensive multi-function based on the number of training functions. Let's follow the editor of Dual Adjustable Pulley to see what you need to pay attention to when using fitness equipment at the beginning!
Before using the electric treadmill for the first time, please stand by and familiarize yourself with how to control it-such as start, stop and speed adjustment. Remember to connect the controller with the clamp to the person before running, so that it can be controlled after a fall. Pull down the controller to stop the treadmill. You can use it after you are familiar with it. Then stand on the plastic anti-skid plates on both sides of the treadmill, grab the handrails with both hands, drive the machine to a low speed of 1.6-3.2 km/h, stand up straight, look forward, and use one foot on the running belt. "A few times, try to relax; then stand on the running belt and exercise with them. After feeling adapted, slowly increase the speed to 3 to 5 km/h. Maintain this speed for about 10 minutes, and then slowly stop the machine. Do not run at high speed for the first time to prevent falling.

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