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hammer strength gym euqipment

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Product Description

Iso-Lateral Bench Press/Hammer Strength Fitness Machine


Item No:SH01
Machine Name:Iso-Lateral Bench Press 
Machine Weight:140KG

Surface Finish:electrostatic powder coating

Steel Tube:Q235,2.5MM thickness

Machine Size(LxWxH):1323x1599x1746MM


Gym euqipment is often divided into two categories: single function and comprehensive multi-function according to the number of training functions. So do you know what it is buying knowledge? Follow the editor to learn about it!
1. Clear, use effect of fitness products. There should be a product with one or two functions. If you want to exercise your arm muscles, you can choose an arm strength machine. If you want to exercise your waist, abdomen and legs, you can choose a fitness machine or abdomen wheel. As for the general and comprehensive exercise, in addition to choosing a professional gym, you can assist with regular outdoor equipment exercises.
2. Consider the living environment and living conditions. Only an equipment suitable for one's family atmosphere and living conditions can improve the quality of life. Generally speaking, a single-function gym euqipment occupies a small area. When some gym euqipment with more functions are used at home, some functions cannot really work due to space limitations; and if the area is too large, every time you use it Need to install or move, will greatly reduce the enthusiasm for fitness.
3. After-sales service should be paid attention to. When buying gym euqipment, you should be like buying other products. Don't ignore the problem of after-sales service, especially the gym euqipment with more parts. It is also necessary to ask about the specific methods of after-sales service. For foreign products, ask whether there are repair points.

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