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How to use the incline press products

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2021/08/10 15:09
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Incline press products can effectively improve the feeling of chest muscles, improve the strength of shoulder joints, elbow joints and wrist joints.

Incline press products can effectively improve the feeling of chest muscles, improve the strength of shoulder joints, elbow joints and wrist joints. It is suitable for junior fitness enthusiasts. Because the incline press products equipment is fixed, it is safe to train. It is very effective to improve your own physical fitness, and can effectively find the power point and experience the power of the chest muscles.
Product features of incline press products:
The operation is simple, suitable for junior fitness enthusiasts, and can learn the essentials quickly. Strong safety, fixed equipment installation, safety iron protection cover, and imported bearings. Humanized design, smooth operation, suitable for professional gym use. The seated chest push trainer mainly exercises the pectoralis major, deltoid anterior bundle, triceps and other parts, which can effectively stretch the chest and shape the perfect chest muscle curve. Seated chest pushes 8-15 times in each group, you need to do 3 to 5 groups, and each group can rest for 1 to 2 minutes.
How to use the incline press products:

1: Adjust the seat height
When exercising in the gym, we will come into contact with a lot of equipment. For a certain equipment, it is generally not fixed for someone to use. This also means that when we touch the equipment, we must carry out debugging. After all, everyone’s Physiological structures are different, and what is suitable for the previous trainer may not be suitable for you. If you want to train the pectoralis major, before starting the training, adjust the height of the seat so that the height of the grip is consistent with the height of the upper edge of our chest.
Two: adjust the weight
When we adjust the height of the incline press products, we must also pay attention to the choice of weight. For the same reason, because everyone’s physical fitness is different, people who used this machine for exercise before have already chosen to carry weight. This weight may not be suitable for them. Therefore, before starting the exercise, be sure to check the weight. In other words, if the weight is too large, then you should immediately adjust to the weight that suits you.
Three: close to the backrest
After we debug the incline press products, we need to sit on it. At this time, it should be noted that the head, upper back and buttocks must be tightly attached to the backrest, and the waist can be tightened forward. This is a preparation action. It is best to prepare, we only need to hold the grip with both hands, and push the weight up with the chest force. When we push to the top, be careful not to fully straighten the elbow, so as not to damage the joints.