Notes on using hack squat machine

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Jul 15,2021

This article describes the use of the hack squat machine precautions

Before using the hack squat machine, do necessary warm-up activities. When the muscles are more relaxed, they will be easier to control and expand. Warm up activities will reduce the chance of injury. Therefore, it's best to spend 5 to 10 minutes before fitness to make the body fully active and sweat a little. It's a good start to fitness.

After using the hack squat machine to exercise the leg muscles, the leg muscles will become tight and shorten. Kneading the leg can relax the muscles and prevent the leg muscles from aching the next day.

When using the square machine, the body will lose water quickly due to sweating. At this time, we must replenish water in time, otherwise the body will dehydrate. So don't forget to add water to your body from the beginning to the end. Plenty of water can also help reduce hunger and reduce people's appetite for food.

Just as the body needs time to "warm up" before fitness, it also needs time to calm down and let the heart rate return to normal after using hack squat machine. You can slow down slowly until your heart rate returns to 120 beats per minute or less. When you feel that your heart rate tends to ease and your breathing is gradually stable, you will achieve the requirement of "cooling yourself".


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