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Precautions for purchasing curved treadmill

commercial treadmill
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2021/08/05 16:46
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This article introduces the precautions for purchasing curved treadmill.

1. Safety. For the safety of the curved treadmill, the first requirement is to have a passive safety magnetic lock function, that is, once your body is separated from the running platform, you can quickly stop the running belt to prevent serious accidents. Secondly, the most important thing is the active safety guarantee of the curved treadmill, which requires that the motor speed of the curved treadmill is stable and there will be no sudden slowdown.

2. Continuous output power of curved treadmill: Please note that this is the continuous output power, not the maximum output power. Generally, the output power is nominal in horsepower (HP). Generally, one horsepower of the curved treadmill can provide a bearing weight of about 50 ~ 60kg. For the treadmill used by ordinary families, the runner's weight is less than 100kg. If it is not used for long-term uninterrupted commercial running, the continuous output power should be between 1.5-2.0, which can meet the needs.

3. Speed range of curved treadmill: generally, people's speed during normal walking training is about 6km / h and that during running training is about 9-11km / h. therefore, a curved treadmill with a speed range of 0-12km / h can meet the needs of the family.

4. Whether there is slope adjustment: a curved treadmill with slope adjustment can greatly improve the effect of aerobic training, allowing you to consume more calories and better cardiopulmonary exercise effect in the same time. Generally, the gradient of the curved treadmill is adjustable in the range of 0-12%, and some imported brands can even reach 25%.

5. Effective running belt area of curved treadmill: the effective running belt area can provide a safe and comfortable running environment. Generally, the effective running belt area should at least reach 1100 * 350mm. Don't buy a curved treadmill with a smaller effective running belt area in order to save money. You should buy a curved treadmill with a larger effective running belt area as much as possible under your own financial burden.