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The history of the Smith machine: who invented the Smith machine and why it is so popular

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2020/12/11 11:18
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The Smith machine is the favorite equipment of many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, because it can help you perform heavy weight training more safely, but due to its unnatural movements, it fails to fully exercise muscles and is generally unattractive. Be criticized.

The Smith machine is the favorite equipment of many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, because it can help you perform heavy weight training more safely, but due to its unnatural movements ,it fails to fully exercise muscles and is generally unattractive .Be criticized .
So who invented this Smith machine that is loved and hated? Why do they do this and how is it so popular ? This brings you to some questions about the history of the Smith machine .

Who invented the Smith machine
Believe it or not, one of the most influential people in the American fitness industry-Jack Lalanne (Jack Lalanne) created this kind of Smith machine that people love and hate.

▲Jack Lallani
But the Smith machine is just one of a series of inventions of the "Father of Fitness". During his fifty-year career, Lallani invented and promoted a series of machines used in gyms around the world, such as leg extension machines and gantry frames, and these machines have always been favored by trainers. And Lallani has always been committed to the innovative business of fitness. Whether you like it or not, the Smith machine can prove Lallani's powerful creativity.

Why Lallani invented the Smith machine
In the 1950s, Lallani was in the heyday of his career, but he was not satisfied with the status quo. He had been conceiving a machine. He hoped that the machine could safely perform heavy squats without the assistance of others. The machine can not only replace free weight, but also effectively help the execution of the overall training plan.

  So, one night, Lallani had dinner with his old friend Rudy Smith and seriously discussed his plans. After a long discussion between the two, Lallani hurriedly drew what he thought could be used on the napkin, and what he drew on the napkin was the prototype of the modern Smith machine.

▲Rudy Smith
Why is Smith machine so popular
  It should be noted that it was Smith who decided to turn Lallani's drawing into a real machine, not Lallani. Smith saw a simple drawing of his friend and asked Lallani if ​​he could try to design this machine. Since there was no objection, Lallani agreed to let Smith design the machine.

▲Vick Tanney
  As expected, Smith spent very little time to build this machine. When the first machine was built, Smith got in touch with Vic Tanny (Vick Tanny owned a series of gyms in the United States) and installed the Smith machine in Tanny. )Gym. As customers began to use the machine more and more, Tanny installed Smith machines in almost all his own gyms across the country. In addition, he also asked Rudy Smith to serve as an executive of the gym. The picture below shows Smith and the world's first Smith machine.

   By the 1970s, the Smith machine had become a common equipment in American gyms. To pay tribute to Rudy Smith, the equipment will always be named after his last name.

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