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Warming up before fitness

Fitness Common Sense
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2020/01/17 16:34
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Warm-ups and warm-ups before fitness are just to prevent high-intensity exercise from abrading our joints and reducing ligament and muscle damage.

Warm-ups and warm-ups before fitness are just to prevent high-intensity exercise from abrading our joints and reducing ligament and muscle damage. In fact, we only need to take ten to twenty minutes to do warm-up exercises before fitness. The movements need not be too complicated and the amplitude should not be too large. This is only to allow us to better engage in fitness training. Then let ’s take a look at some warm-up exercises that are suitable for everyoneThe first thing is of course our stretching activity. The main thing of stretching exercise is to contract and stretch our muscle groups and increase the softness of our body. This is necessary in our next training. . This is not only a preparatory activity before fitness, but we can also do stretching at any time in our daily life. This can stretch our muscles and ligaments, which is best for the health of our bones, increases our softness, and relieves Relieve the stresses of life and work.我们 After we have finished stretching, we can do the following common squats to open up the muscles of our hips for our subsequent training.Proper sit-ups can also help us relax our muscles. It is also a good preparation before exercise. It “awakens” our sleeping abdomen in advance and makes it “service” our next training program better.Next, you can increase the intensity of warming up, using high legs to tell us the muscles of the whole body, "wake up", it's time to move, but this is warming up, so it doesn't take long.We "upgrade" the warm-up activity again, moving our whole body, and gradually increasing the intensity will make our body more and more adaptable, let us devote ourselves to our all-round fitness training in a best state.Finally, let ’s take a bobby jump. You do n’t have to do too much. The warm-up activity can be used as a warm-up effect. Do n’t let yourself consume too much power in the warm-up activity, which exhausts our energy. How do you do the next training? But in order for us to complete the training project better, our warm-up is essential! For our health, warming up is imperative.In addition to the warm-up activities we just introduced, there are some other warm-up exercises, such as a fifteen-minute jog, which will not consume too much energy and allow our body to get a whole-body exercise, but regardless of your When deciding what kind of warm-up activities, stretching before exercise must be indispensable. Warming up with tricks is actually very fun ~