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What is the correct posture for cheapest incline press

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2021/08/11 14:18
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Regarding the weight of the cheapest incline press, it varies from person to person. Generally, it is about 80 to 100kg. It is best to increase the weight slowly under the guidance of the gym coach.

Nowadays, fitness is more and more popular with everyone, and in the process of fitness, we will come into contact with a lot of fitness equipment, and the cheapest incline press is one of them, and how to use the chest pusher, how big is the cheapest incline press with the chest pusher The weight is qualified, I believe many people don't know it. So, what is the weight of the cheapest incline press? What is the correct posture? Let's take a look at sitting posture to push the chest together.
Regarding the weight of the cheapest incline press, it varies from person to person. Generally, it is about 80 to 100kg. It is best to increase the weight slowly under the guidance of the gym coach.
We all know that strong chest muscles will not only enhance the charm of male friends, but also the rigid line curve will make men look stronger and women feel more secure, which is why nowadays Of male friends all favor one of the important factors of fitness exercise.
Fixed device training is by far the safest exercise method invented by mankind. It can effectively improve physical fitness and increase muscles. The most typical chest exercise is Seated Chest Press, which can effectively increase chest muscles and improve shoulder joints. , Elbow and wrist joint strength. Lay a solid foundation for dumbbell barbell bench press exercises in the future.
Cheapest incline pressr correct posture
First adjust the seat of the cheapest incline press to a suitable height. The standard is that the height of the grip is the same as the height of the upper edge of the chest, and then adjust the weight. After sitting on the seat, the head, upper back and buttocks are close to The backrest is back, the waist is tightened forward, then the chest is raised and the abdomen is raised, the eyes are level, and the hands are clenched on the grips, and then deep inhale, feel the chest force, push the weight up, and exhale at the same time. When pushing to the top, the elbow Do not fully straighten the joints, then pause for 1 second, restore, and breathe in at the same time. When the two arms are in a straight line, apply force again and repeat the exercise.

Practice 3-4 groups each time, each group practice 15-20 times. After a period of practice, you can gradually increase the weight and practice incrementally.
Common misunderstandings of cheapest incline presss
1. Do not straighten your elbow joint when you push up the weight, otherwise it will cause damage to the elbow joint when you are exhausted.
2. When pushing up and restoring, always relax the shoulders to avoid stress, otherwise it will cause the participation of the shoulder muscles and reduce the effect of chest exercises.
3. The process of pushing the chest relies on our consciousness to imagine the feeling of chest exertion, because when we start to practice, even if the movement is standard, the exerted force is scattered. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on brain control to put the force point on the chest to effectively train the pectoralis major muscle.
4. Cheapest incline press is the first choice for junior fitness enthusiasts. Those with a high level of training can do 3-4 sets of heavy weight seated chest push exercises after free weight exercises to fully exercise the chest to exhaustion, which will increase muscle mass. Will be of great help.