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Fitness Knowledge

Fitness Common Sense

Basic classification of good price and quality fitness equipment in china
Although there are nearly 100 kinds of good price and quality fitness equipment on the market, they can be roughly divided into three types: Systemic fitness equipment in china: such as 10 comprehensive training devices, household 16 function fitness devices, etc; Local fitness equipment in china: such as fitness bicycle, rowing device, stair machine, treadmill, calf bending device, heavy hammer puller, heel lifting exercise device, etc; Small fitness equipment in china: such as dumbbells, kettlebells, crank barbells, spring pullers, fitness plates, elastic bars, grip strength devices, etc.
Warming up before fitness
Release time:
Warm-ups and warm-ups before fitness are just to prevent high-intensity exercise from abrading our joints and reducing ligament and muscle damage.
Exercise time should not exceed 60 minutes
When we go to school, a class is usually about 45 minutes. This is almost the same as the time of fitness. In medicine, when we do something, we usually focus on about 45 minutes. With the increase of time, our concentration will decrease.
Basic knowledge of fitness
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The best time for training Before we start fitness, you must first know at what stage the best time is for fitness. We recommend that everyone's best fitness time is from 3 to 5 pm. During this time your The spirit belongs to a relatively abundant state.
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